3D Modelling of Heritage Property

Commissioned by the owner of a historic building, Benchmarq was commissioned to create a 3D model of a Heritage property. Having heard about the benefits of BIM and 3D modelling, our client wanted to use the model for:

⇒  Enhancement of the visitor experience

⇒  The provision of a platform for asset management of the property and grounds

  A more coordinated approach to the design of new facilities at the property, such as upgraded car parking and drainage, and installation of access facilities

How We Helped

Having commissioned various dimensional and condition surveys in recent years, data was readily available to enable our client to begin their BIM journey.

Using CAD drawings from a recent measured building survey, augmented with intelligent imagery from a spherical photography survey, the Benchmarq team set about constructing a 3D digital model.

BIM software is primarily a tool for creating new designs rather than recording ‘as-built’ data. With Heritage properties, this becomes more evident with walls, floors and ceilings that are usually neither level nor straight. Features such as handcrafted stone window frames present even greater challenges due to their complex shapes and creation by different craftsmen over the history of the building.

Inevitably, compromises are required to develop a coherent 3D model of such a building. This became apparent when looking in detail at the CAD drawings from which the 3D model was constructed, when inconsistencies and anomalies in the 2D linework needed to be rationalised.

The Final Result

Our in-house technical experts created a highly detailed 3D BIM model, using a library of historically accurate textures and patterns to develop the comprehensive hand-crafted window frames and brickwork.

After the 3D model was completed, our client was able to readily view, interrogate and manipulate the 3D model via Autodesk’s A360 app.

The Estates team were supplied with the 3D model to start attributing with data specific to the condition of the property, the goal being to create a centralised asset management and maintenance scheduling system.

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