4D & 5D BIM Construction

While most of us are intuitively familiar with, or at least aware of, 3D modelling and 3D BIM, from a construction point of view there are two other critical parameters which need to be taken into account: time and cost.

Building time into our 3D BIM models turns them into 4D BIM models – we can carefully model and simulate the sequence of construction to ensure that the right materials and resources (plant, equipment, labour) are available at the right times to ensure that the project proceeds according to programme.

Further, the inherent clash detection that becomes possible in a 3D model extends from the spatial dimension to the temporal dimension. Clashes in time are as important to avoid as clashes in space. For example, if an item of equipment obstructs access to part of the project for a few days, that may well have knock-on effects in the construction programme.

Building cost into our BIM model turns it into a 5D BIM model.

This means that each element of the project can be costed accurately – including costs of construction materials, labour and plant/equipment – as well as ongoing costs of operation, maintenance and, ultimately, de-commissioning. It also enables us to put costs on clashes and delays which arise from a 4D analysis such as major items of plant which cannot be put off-hire because of access/egress obstructions.

4D & 5D BIM Construction
4D and 5D BIM

In short, 4D and 5D BIM enables the intelligent linking of 2D/3D BIM model data to construction schedules and costings to create a highly visual and interactive simulation of the planned construction works. 

In summary, 4D and 5D BIM is useful for:

  • Visual simulation of proposed construction approach with easy to use animation and image output
  • Virtual safety simulations for pre-construction planning and virtual practice
  • Visual assessments of logistics issues and constraints with included site context
  • Identification of “time and space” conflicts before site works start
  • Conduct virtual “optioneering” reviews to support the development of construction, logistics, installation sequences, risk and safety mitigation and cost assessments.

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