How to add a user to your Autodesk Account

First of all log into your Autodesk Account by visiting and click onto the Managament tab and then on to the User tab. Please note, if you’re not a contract manager or software coordinator you will not see this tab.

autodesk account management

Click on the “+Add” tab to add a new user and enter their email address, first name and last name. If you select “I’d like to add access to the user(s) now” you will be taken through the process of assigning products and services to the user. Once you’ve entered the user’s details, then select save and continue.


For those with large contracts and multiple users, you can add users in bulk. Click the “+Add” button again and select “Bulk Add” then copy and paste the list of users email addresses, including their first and last names. For example: Jon Smith, Jessica¬†Stewart, Alex Brown Make sure to use a comma or semi-colon to separate the contacts.



How to remove a user from your Autodesk Account

Within the same User dashboard, find the name of the user you’d like to remove and click on the “X” icon, which is located next to “Edit Access”.

This will then come up with a popup, where you can select “Remove” or “Cancel”.


For more information on how to set up user permissions in your Autodesk Account, check out the rest of this tutorial put together by Autodesk.