We’re excited to announce ArredoCAD – Italy’s number one interior design software, is now available to the UK market. Earlier this year we started a partnership with Dinamica Software (ArredoCAD’s software developer), meaning we are currently the only CAD software reseller in the UK to provide ArredoCAD.


What is ArredoCAD? 

ArredoCAD Designer has been specifically developed for interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers and retail fit out specialists.

The software is incredibly popular in Italy: the motherland of Architecture and Interior Design. ArredoCAD boasts over 3000 installations and is continuing to grow in popularity across Europe at a staggering pace due to its easy-to-learn functions, vast library of 3D components and powerful rendering capabilities.

ArredoCAD Designer boasts a massive library of interior design components, stocked with over 25,000 customisable elements to choose from, allowing you to furnish any type of room imaginable, from a wide variety of recognisable manufacturers and artisan designers.

If you’ve ever tried to render a 3D model, you will know rendering designs can be extremely time-consuming, costly and very demanding on hardware. Luckily, ArredoCAD comes with its own inbuilt D-Ray Rendering Engine. The software is conveniently optimised for high-quality elements and materials and is one of the most powerful, fast and easy to use rendering engines on the market. D-Ray can also be left to run in the background, whilst you work on other projects, therefore significantly improving on time and cost management.

In addition, the interior design software can be used with the plugin Virtual Tour Designer, which enables you to create 360 panoramic views and walkthroughs which can be used with a VR (Virtual Reality) headset or through a website link. Being able to create photorealistic virtual tours is a great selling point to customers. Check out the video below to see how this feature works.

Purchasing Options

ArredoCAD can either be bought on a rental (subscription) or perpetual (one-off) payment. If you would like to discuss more about purchasing options please call us on 01403 784139 or email info@bmarq.co.uk. We can also provide you with a free 30-day trial before buying the product.

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We are looking for interior designers and architects to review this product. If you are interested in doing so please email info@bmarq.co.uk.