AutoCAD 2018 Latest Features

Another year has passed and the latest version of AutoCAD is now ready to install and download. Autodesk have been working hard across the year to bring you AutoCAD 2018, packed with a number of features.

In AutoCAD 2018 the latest features include:

  • PDF Import Enhancements
  • External Reference Path Enhancements
  • Object Selection
  • High-Resolution (4K) Monitor Support

PDF Import Enhancements

With AutoCAD 2018, you can now use the SHX text recognition tool to convert imported PDF geometry to text and Mtext objects. Add to that the enhanced Text to Mtext tool, enabling you to convert a combination of single- and multi- line text objects to a one multi-line text object, automatically inferring formatting.

External Reference Path Enhancements

Improvements in the latest edition of AutoCAD help reduce the problems created by broken reference paths by saving time. These integrated tools will now enable you to quickly replace the paths of one or more missing references with a new path.

Object Selection

In AutoCAD 2018, you can begin a selection window in one part of your drawing and then pan and zoom to another part while maintaining selection of the off-screen objects!

High Resolution (4K) Monitor Support

The latest version of AutoCAD supports high-resolution monitors to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Autodesk are keen to continuously improve AutoCAD’s graphics and performance whilst ensuring you always have access to the TrustedDWG technology.

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