10 Essential Photoshop Resources for Architectural Visualisation
Posted on 16th October 2015
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Whether you’re new to Photoshop or have been using the software for years, it’s always essential to have a list of graphic resources handy when working on architectural projects. Searching for the right resources can be extremely time consuming, so we have come up with a list of some of our favourite Photoshop websites.

These resources will help you improve and enhance your 2D architectural plans when you are trying to portray your vision and add to your portfolio. The following website links include building textures, Photoshop brushes, patterns, cut outs of windows, vehicles, trees and more.

Photoshop Resources for Architectural Visualisation


With Texturelib.com you are spoilt for choice when it comes to textures. Choose from different exteriors of buildings from across the world, as well as roof patterns, bricks, doors, tiles, plaster, wood and windows. All of these images are free for non-commercial and commercial use, so you are free to download as much as you want.



Choose from an extensive index of textures on sketchup texture. This site features a large number of building textures for both exterior and interior such as bricks, concrete, glass, metals, stone walls, tiles, fabrics and wallpapers.

sketchup texture


Pepsized offer a selection of freebies for Photoshop, one of our favourites is the 19 nature silhouettes which includes tree and grass brushes. These are perfect if you’re trying to incorporate flora into your project and want to create an atmospheric feel to the visualisation.

Skal Gubbar

Skal Gubbar is a popular website rammed full of free cut out people to use on visualisation projects. There are 100s of people to choose from that would work well on university, airport, retail and hospital projects. The graphics have even been used on large projects for Google to create visualisation mock-ups for their new headquarters in Silicon Valley.



If you’re working on housing developments or road constructions you may find mrcutout.com a lot more useful than the previously suggested websites. Mr Cut Out provides free access to a large selection of various vehicles, vegetation, objects, skies and foregrounds. But if you still can’t find the right person to appear in your visualisation from the other websites, they also offer a variety of humans in different situations to choose from.



Looking to create a dense forest or just want a couple of trees to add to your picture? Gobotree offers a wide variety of trees and shrubbery to choose from in .PNG format saving you a lot of time and extra hassle. Unlike the other sites mentioned you have to pay to download most of the images on here, however they are mostly only 99p.


Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns does exactly what it says on the tin. This website offers hundreds of different contemporary patterns. Even though these textures are more for web and graphic design, they could still be used as visual representations for wallpaper and the exterior of buildings. Subtle Patterns also comes with its very own plugin that works with the latest version of Photoshop CC 2015. You can add the patterns as favourites and access them from within Photoshop when connected to the Creative Cloud.

Cut Out People

Unlike the other cut out people websites this site doesn’t include a large library of graphics to choose from. However it does offer a basic selection which could come in handy when you have to finish a project in a short time frame or want to test out some different ideas.

cut out people


Textures.com (formerly CGTextures.com) has an extensive library of high resolution images that can be used for 3D models. Choose from a wealth of categories including landscapes, animals, decals, fabrics, signs, windows and much more. One of our favourite categories is the buildings section which includes various folders with photographs of high rise skyscrapers, neoclassical architecture, shop windows and more. You literally are spoilt for choice on this website.


RenderTextures describes itself as the “ultimate CG artist’s resource” and we have to agree. Even though the site doesn’t boast a large collection of graphics it does however offer high resolution images doors, gates, grass, flowers and more.

render textures

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