ArredoCAD V14 is now available
Posted on 13th December 2017
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ArredoCAD V14 is now available for download and features a long list of improvements and new software features. This version includes improvements to the DRAY rendering engine, the ability to import SketchUp V18 files, updated partner files, as well as new colours and materials.

Take an in-depth look at the latest features within ArredoCAD Designer V14.

1. DRAY Rendering Engine Improvements

  • General improvement of the rendering quality
  • Update to the latest versions of the INTEL Processors
  • Automatic optimisation of the priorities to facilitate the use of your PC during rendering
  • Option for saving 360 degrees renders with useful data which can be used on social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Optimisation of glass coloration with glass thickness lower than 1cm

2. New Plan Lay-Outs with Different Types of Customisable Rooms


3. Option for Automatic Aligning of Elements (Elevation View) with Automatic Insertion of Measurement

4. Automatic Opening of Elements

  • Option to open windows and French windows with hinged or flap doors
  • Option to open hinged doors from the 3D window

5. Colours and Materials

  • Option to rapidly change colours or materials to groups of selected items
  • Option to create and save an RGB colour in the materials archive


6. Doors and Windows Management

  • New configuration options for windows that allows you to choose the width of doors
  • Option to change thickness of windows frames and the configuration of windowsills using the function External Macro
  • Option to change handles to doors and windows using the function External Macro and to modify handles to all fittings inside the project at the same time
  • New options for the configuration of armoured doors

7. Backplates

  • Higher image quality
  • New options to modify blackplate (“Scale 1:1 without distortion” and “Adapt to window”

8. Element Properties/3D Objects

  • Higher visualising quality and easier selection and visualisation of complex objects
  • Option ‘Select current’ to rapidly select all the elements that have the same material of the selected items

9. New Axonometric Printing Functions with Automatic Insertion of Measures In 3D View

10. Improvement of The Searching Function for Objects

11. Improvements To The Layer Management Tools

12. Updated Plug-In To Import SketchUp Files

  • Update to the latest available version of Sketchup (2017)
  • Insertion of rapid recalling of the “SKP import” in the tool bar

13. Plug-in ImagePlus

  • Option to visualise the Bump Map image directly in the material editor using ImagePlus


14. Optimised Text Inserting

15. Optimisation for Exporting Materials of SketchUp Objects Contained In CMZ Files

16. Optimisation for saving projects to the network with the possibility to open saved projects from other Workstations and importing materials that are not present in ArredoCAD

ArredoCAD V14: New Graphic Archives

Update for Partner Libraries

  • Porada
  • Falmec hoods
  • New partner TEXTURAE with 181 new wallpapers
  • New partner for carpets KARPETA (available in: Design Objects)

Shared Accessories

  • Windows and French windows with 3 hinged doors and 2 handles
  • Windows and French windows with 3 hinged doors and 2 handles
  • Option to change the graphic of windows with headers
  • New handles for doors and windows
  • Flush doors and flush doors for wallpaper
  • 3D ovens
  • 3D sockets and switches
  • Accessories for home automation (thermostats, digital switches etc.)
  • Video door-phone, air-conditioner and aeration grills
  • Aeration Grids (Available in: Generic Accessories: Electronic: Aeration Grids)
  • Round TV (in Shared Accessories: Electronic: & HI-FI)

Modern and Traditional Kitchens with Door Changing

  • Modern door 2.17 and 2.18 with vertical and horizontal grain
  • Modern door 2.19 e 2.20 with vertical and horizontal grain
  • Modern door 3.29 and 3.30 with vertical and horizontal grain
  • Modern door 3.31 with vertical grain
  • Modern door 4.7
  • Glass modern door 14
  • Glass modern door 15
  • Glass modern door 16
  • Traditional door 1.13 with vertical grain
  • Glass traditional door 27
  • New traditional handles

Modern and Traditional Bathrooms with Door Changing

  • New Top for sink on support and under top integrated with the possibility to set thickness during element inserting
  • All sinks have been moved from the folder Shared Accessories to the Folder Modern and Traditional Bathrooms

Children Bedrooms with Door Changing and New Bed Models

  • New blankets for single and double beds
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