Autodesk branches out into the footwear industry
Posted on 7th October 2015
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Image courtesy of Autodesk

Autodesk recently branched out into the footwear industry with its new group Autodesk Footwear. The group and products were previously named Delcam Crispin and Delcam Custom Orthotic Insoles and have been combined together under the new and recognisable Autodesk Footwear brand.

Autodesk is the world leader for 3D design software but is most commonly associated with the architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing and media industries. The multinational company is recognised for its high quality design and manufacturing software, so it made sense for the companies to combine and share their attributes.

Chris Lawrie, Director of Autodesk Footwear exclaimed: “The reinforced focus on the footwear industry means greater possibilities for both our existing and new customers.  Being able to provide an even wider range of tailored solutions improves the options available to both designers and manufacturers.”

The new Autodesk Footwear group has put together a vast array of software solutions – from manufacturing to creating custom footwear and insoles.

Some of the most notable features of Autodesk Footwear include:

Crispin ShoeMaker features built in 3D rendering software enabling you to visualise your design in a stunning and crisp 3D format. Users can play around with different lighting effects, textures and materials. The software also allows designers to add extra details such as stitching, punches and buckles.

Crispin Soleengineer enables users to create unique soles and treads, anything from a slim and stylish heel to a comprehensive sports sole to work efficiently on different terrains.

Crispin Engineer allows designers to easily digitise design patterns fastening up the design and manufacturing process.

Orthomodel is an extremely useful tool when creating custom insole designs. The software allows users to choose from an array of different materials such as cork or polypropylene to ensure the most comfortable fit.

With the investment of Autodesk the group is likely to become the forefront of the footwear design industry.

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