Autodesk Closing Subscription Center
Posted on 26th March 2015
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Autodesk Account
As of March 13th 2015 Autodesk retired the Subscription Center web portal, which enabled users to manage their Autodesk product license, services and subscriptions.

The Subscription Center has now officially been replaced by Autodesk Accounts, which is basically a new portal where users can manage their licenses, products, subscriptions, services and more. The new Accounts portal was put in place to simplify the Autodesk interface and tools section.

All of the same features of the Subscription Center will still be available including administrative tools, the latest releases and enhancements, flexible licensing rights, cloud benefits and customer support, it will now just be easier to access these tools, as they are all now located in one location.

You can also now view all of the product and contract information from your reseller on the same page including version, license types and much more.

For business owners and managers you will be pleased to know you can also add and edit users in the admin tools section of Autodesk Account and decide what products and benefits they will be able to access.

If you have any more questions or are thinking of renewing or buying your Autodesk software with us please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

To access Autodesk Account you will now need to go to

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