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Posted on 25th May 2016
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Autodesk have announced that on August 1st 2016, Industry Collections will be replacing the Design Suites. The new industry collections will provide access to a wide variety of popular Autodesk software products at a more affordable price. They will be called:

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
  • Product Design Collection
  • Media & Entertainment Collection

Benefits of Autodesk Industry Collections

Greater Value for Money

Industry collections provide you value that well exceeds the Premium Suites at a new, very competitive price rate.

Continuous Improvement

Industry collections are designed to continuously evolve to provide access to new applications and cloud services to meet your changing business needs with improved workflows. By supporting the demands of your business as it changes, you will receive access to new technology when it becomes available, rather than waiting for a new product release once a year.

Greater Flexibility and Choice

Subscriptions to Industry collections will be available with single-user and multi-user access and the choice of different term lengths, giving you greater flexibility to choose the option that fits your business needs. Today, subscriptions to the Design & Creation Suites are available for single-user access only.

More Cloud Services

Receive access to more cloud services than are currently available in the Design and Creation Suites, giving you more opportunity to leverage the computing power of the cloud.

In addition, when you subscribe to a collection with multi-user access, you will be able to grant shared access to cloud services, whereas with Suites, customers are limited to a single named user per cloud service.

What’s Included in the Autodesk Industry Collections?

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

AEC Industry Collection

Product Design Collection

Product Design Industry Collection

Media & Entertainment Collection

Media and Entertainment Industry Collection


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