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Posted on 4th January 2017
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First of all we would like to say a Happy New Year to all of our customers and followers of our blog. We hope you had a nice Christmas break and are feeling fully refreshed for 2017! 

We are proud to announce at the end of 2016 we became an official reseller of BOXX – the world’s fastest workstation computers. BOXX are an American technology company and are renowned for their workstations within the rendering world!

BOXX products are compatible with pretty much all of your favourite visualisation and 3D modelling software including 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Solidworks, V-Ray, AutoCAD and the Adobe Creative Cloud products.

In addition, BOXX maintains close relationships with these software and hardware manufacturers to make sure their rendering products are always cutting edge and up to date.

boxx hardware workstations

At Benchmarq we will be selling the highly beneficial rendering sidekicks – The RenderPro 1 and RenderPro 2, as well as the highly powerful APEXX workstations. Alongside the sale of the products we can offer technical support – from advice through to installation and implementation on site.

We strongly feel that the BOXX products are an excellent solution to most of our customer’s rendering problems. In fact, we were recently called upon by a housing developer to help solve their in-house rendering issues with a RenderPro 2. With the combination of our technical expert and the RenderPro 2 we were able to greatly reduce the client’s rendering time of an 3D visualisation of an elevation of a building, including foliage.

Here are the final rendering results:

Render time before implementing the RenderPro 2

2 x HP Workstations i7 Processor, 32GB RAM and 2 GB Graphics Cards
Total time to render: 53 minutes and 19 seconds

Render time after implementing the RenderPro 2

2 x HP Workstations i7 Processor, 32GB RAM and 2 GB Graphics Cards
1 x BOXX RenderPro 2 – mid range spec, 1 x Intel XEON E5-2680v4 CPU (2.4 GHz (14 cores each, 28 total), 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 Memory, Nvidia Quadro K1200 (4GB) GPU
Total time to render: 29 minutes and 28 seconds

Overall, the RenderPro 2 cut down our client’s rendering time by an astonishing 45%! 

BOXX offers an out of the box solution – no pun intended!

All of the BOXX products are engineered for peak performance, optimised for creative workflows and fully supported for solving problems.

BOXX provides a super stable system that is reliable and features impressive power with its overclocked CPUs, allowing the workstations and render farms to manage massive data sets, even up to the Terabytes!

Furthermore, many of the BOXX solutions including the APEXX systems and RenderPro’s are rack mountable, saving you not only time on your renderings but allowing you and your team to have extra valuable storage space in the office.

Check out this award winning commercial created by BOXX of how it’s a YES for APEXX! 

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BOXX products are used by VFX artists, architects, engineers and designers across the globe. Customers include world famous Orange County Choppers, Enfinity Engineering, Dassault Systems and HMC Architects. See the video below to find out how BOXX will be an advantage to your company.

Solve all of your rendering problems with BOXX! Call us on 01403 784139 today or email [email protected].

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