Benchmarq Invests in 3D Scanning!
Posted on 21st September 2016
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3d scanning services in uk

We are excited to announce we have recently invested in new technology to expand our 3D digital services even further, with these being of particular interest to manufacturing companies.

Based around the Evixscan™ 3D industrial scanner, we are now offering a range of 3D scanning, modelling, measurement, inspection and quality control services to our clients.

Our EviXscan Heavy Duty Quadro 3D Scanner uses structured light to capture the full surface representation of any object.

This is a non-contact, highly accurate optical method of data capture which can be applied to objects of widely differing sizes. The resulting scans provide complete surface observation, measurement and visualisation rather than being confined to just a few critical points.

It is particularly useful in capturing freeform and complex surfaces which can present real difficulties for more traditional techniques which can only sample the surface data.

The results can be sent straight to a 3D printer, brought into a 3D modelling software package and/or used for comparison against a reference model for quality control/deviation analysis.

The technology can be applied to objects ranging from millimetres up to a few metres in size, in a wide variety of fields of application, for example:

  • Manufactured components in a variety of materials (metal, plastic, rubber, wood etc.).
  • Medical products, equipment, prostheses etc.
  • Jewellery and similarly finely-detailed objects.
  • Architectural masonry and plasterwork.
  • Reproduction of museum pieces or other historical objects and artefacts.
  • Damaged or broken items in need of repair.

Reverse Engineering Services

Benchmarq also uses powerful software tools to recreate the geometry of the scanned objects, enabling it to create:

  • 3D digital models and documentation where none exist or have been lost.
  • 3D digital models for the purposes of adaptation or modification.
  • 3D digital models for simulation software e.g. finite element analysis (FEA).

Quality Control and Inspection Services

Checking manufactured components against the original design is crucial for maintaining quality and dimensional tolerances. Benchmarq can produce a wide range of graphical, tabular and textual reports which compare the scanned object against a reference object. Again, because the starting point is 3D information, reports can be produced to show deviations over the whole body rather than just a few selected points.

For further information contact Benchmarq on 01403 787 930 or visit

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