Compatibility Issues with Autodesk Software and Windows 10 Anniversary Updates
Posted on 11th November 2016
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=Since August 2016 some Autodesk users have been having compatibility issues with their Autodesk software once switching to the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The issues have mainly affected AutoCAD and Revit. Autodesk are currently in the works of amending the problems. In the meantime make sure to look out for the following problems and to notify Autodesk of any problems you may have run into.

Issues with AutoCAD F keys

One of the most frequent problems with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the F-Keys not functioning correctly in AutoCAD. A possible workaround in AutoCAD is to set the system variable TEMPOVERRIDES to 0, as mentioned on Autodesk Blogs Between the lines.

This workaround will turn temporary overrides on and off for drawing aids.

Type: Integer
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: 1

Problems with freezing in AutoCAD and Revit when opening or saving files

This problem may occur if you have Dropbox installed and is updated to the Build 3.4.19 version. Unfortunately, this conflicts with AutoCAD and Revit causing the software to become unresponsive and freeze when opening or saving files. As of yet the only solution is to uninstall Dropbox or update to Build 8.4.21.

Autodesk 2016 software not activating with Edge Browser

When updating to Windows 10 you will have the Edge web browser installed onto your computer. Unfortunately, Autodesk 2016 software products will not activate using Edge. The only solution to this problem is to make sure you are upgraded to the 2017 versions of the software.

Plotting Issues with Revit

With the update Revit may show the warning “Revit could not start the print job because it was unable to connect to the specified printer. Check your printer connectivity and try again.”

This issue has reportedly occurred due to Windows Security Updates. A possible solution is suggested on CADnotes blog.

Technical Advice

Our advice from our technical experts is to make sure your Autodesk software is always updated to the latest version. With older versions of Autodesk software you are more likely to run into compatibility issues with Windows 10, highlighting the need to make sure you are on version 2017 software.

If you are running into difficulties you can contact our support desk on 01403 784139 or email [email protected].

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