Goodbye AutoCAD 360, Hello AutoCAD Mobile!
Posted on 20th February 2017
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Autodesk recently announced it has started removing the “360” label from a number of its products, including AutoCAD 360. Instead AutoCAD 360 will now be named AutoCAD Mobile.

autocad mobile
AutoCAD Mobile on an Ipad

AutoCAD 360 Renamed AutoCAD Mobile

With the growing trend of mobile applications and cloud connectivity, AutoCAD 360 (now mobile) is becoming an increasingly popular and necessary tool for engineers who want to work on their latest drawings on the construction site and be able to save their work to the cloud, which can then be instantly accessed and edited by colleagues.

Why the name change you may ask? Autodesk stated the change is to simplify product names and have greater consistency across product branding. It’s also very likely that naming the app AutoCAD Mobile will be more instantly recognisable to customers. Renaming of the product has already started on social media sites, and we predict the name will soon be changed on the main Autodesk website.

However, AutoCAD 360 is not the only product to undergo a name change. Several other products will be dropping “360” from their current product names:

Not all of the 360 Autodesk will be losing their name. BIM 360 and Fusion 360 will continue to retain the “360” label for the foreseeable future.

How does the name change affect you?

Other than you seeing the new product name on social media and the Autodesk website, when the new release becomes available in the April time frame, there will be no impact to customers.

Does this name change signal a divestment from 360 products including InfraWorks?

No, Autodesk remains committed to the 360 products and will continue to invest in these products, so there’s no need to worry if you currently have a license or are thinking of purchasing one of the previously mentioned.

What’s next?

On your part you have to do nothing. If you have any concerns about these products or are thinking of purchasing Autodesk software please get in touch on 01403 784139 or fill in a contact form.

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