How to Change the Texture of Objects in Photoshop
Posted on 1st January 1970
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This tutorial is great if you want to change the material/texture of particular objects, such as on buildings and statues. In this tutorial we will be using beginner/intermediate techniques using a number of useful tools such as the Quick Selection Tool, Clipping Mask, Displacement, Blending Options and Levels.

It is worth mentioning this effect works best when placing onto an object that only has one material to avoid distortion. In this tutorial we will be using the image and texture below. You are welcome to download them to practice.



Once you have opened up the lion image in Photoshop, the first task to do is make a selection of the statue using the Quick Selection Tool and copying it into its own layer. Drag the cursor around the statue to select its shape in preparation for the texture overlay.

quick selection tool


To remove areas of the selection press and hold Alt on Windows or Option on a Mac and drag over those areas. Once you are satisfied with the selection press Q and the Ctrl + J to cut and copy the selection into a new layer, then Ctrl + Shift + U and then make a layer by pressing Ctrl + J again.


Click onto the thumbnail of the middle layer (Layer 2) and make a new layer and place it underneath. Fill this layer with a white background colour by press Ctrl + Delete. Then click on Layer 2 again, then go to Filter > Noise > Median. You can choose any radius you want, but for this tutorial I went ahead with 5 pixels.



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