Only 16% of firms are BIM ready in the UK
Posted on 29th October 2015
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The UK BIM mandate is just around the corner, and fewer than 1 in 6 building services companies have admitted they are ready to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) on their projects.

The recent survey was put together by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) and they have released several findings within the building sector revealing the UK’s readiness for the upcoming BIM mandate. The survey found that 57% were not fully ready for the BIM mandate, whilst 27% were ‘not ready at all’. Only a mere 16% that took part in the nationwide survey felt they were ‘fully ready’ for the BIM mandate.

On a positive note the survey showed that the UK is showing better engagement and understanding of BIM than many other European countries. 57% of respondents to the survey said they thought BIM would be the ‘future for building services’ and 65% thought Level 2 BIM would be ‘good for the building sector’.

The official date for the UK BIM mandate has been revealed as April 4th 2016 at ICE BIM 2015. This will be the first day that the centrally procured public sector will require companies working on UK government projects to implement Level 2 BIM.

Level 2 BIM

To help with Level 2 BIM queries and questions a new website will be launched on April 4th 2016 which will share knowledge and materials to help support the construction industry.

Level 2 BIM is distinguished by collaborative working – all workers on the project use their own 3D CAD models, however, not necessarily working on a single, shared model. The collaboration comes in the form of how the information is exchanged between different parties, being one of the most crucial aspects of Level 2 BIM.

Design information is then shared through a commonly recognised file format, which enables any organisation to be able to combine that data with their own in order to make a federated BIM model, and to carry out interrogative checks on the model. Therefore, any CAD software that each party used must be capable of exporting to one of the common file formats such as IFC or COBie.” You can find more information here:

Another date to put into your diary is October 3rd 2016 which will highlight each government department’s capability to “electronically validate BIM information delivered from the supply chain.”

For more information on the full results of the survey please visit:


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