Sketching is making a comeback with Autodesk Formit 360
Posted on 5th October 2015
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Increasingly our customers enquire whether they are able to sketch using the latest 3D CAD software. Well Autodesk Formit 360 could be the answer.

Sketching is making a comeback in CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) to encourage creativity and exploration. You could argue it is essential to the free flowing design process. CAD designers would sketch on a notepad and finalise the design using AutoCAD or create a physical model with cardboard and paper, however with the release of Formit 360, designers can now sketch on their desktop or on their tablet whilst they’re on the go.

Many CAD programs make it difficult to express your true creativity onto a computer screen, due to the complexity of the software, however with the introduction of software programmes such as SketchUp, the idea of sketching whilst designing is making a comeback.

Formit 360 enables designers to sketch freely either on their tablet (with a stylus) or on a desktop. Furthermore, designers can add different shapes, colours, textures and drag and drop objects from the content library such as beds, chairs, desks, coffee tables and more to bring their building models to life.

Formit 360 comes in a free version, available for use on both desktop and tablet or the pro version which includes additional features such as real-time collaboration, whole-building energy analysis and solar analysis.


Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration – Invite other team members and communicate via instant message while working on projects in the cloud (available only with pro version)
  • Whole-building energy analysis – Understand building performance with measurements of building types, location, average operating cost, design potential, roof insulation, lighting efficiency and much more (available only with pro version)
  • Solar analysis – Analyse solar potential at different types of the year and on different parts of the building (available only with pro version)
  • BIM-based conceptual design – Integrate Formit 360 with Revit for a smoother BIM workflow
  • Tablet and desktop ready – Use Formit 360 at anytime and anywhere, on your laptop, desktop or tablet
  • Intuitive design tools – Use 3D sketching in your designs
  • Satellite image and location data – assign a location to your drawings using Google maps and import underlays to your models
  • Shadow study – Visualise sun and shadow effects on your building model
  • Early-building performance cost range – The Green Building Studio tools analyse energy costs on your building design, enabling you to reduce costs when it comes to energy consumption
  • Easier 3D model printing – 3D modelling is becoming an increasingly popular and with Formit 360 you can import an OBJ file to print on most 3D printers
  • Cross-platform access and sharing – Access your design models almost anywhere (as long as you have internet connection) with Autodesk A360 cloud software


Formit 360 is great value for money, download the demo for free or choose the excellent Pro features and pay either quarterly or monthly.

Autodesk Formit 360 Prices

Quarterly £90
Annually £240

Call us on 01403 784 139 or email [email protected] to find out more about Formit 360 and purchasing the Pro version.

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