BIM Services

Benchmarq offer a range of BIM management solutions for organisations and users who are either new to BIM or in need of additional capacity for larger projects.

Whether your requirements are to create a BIM model of an existing building for ongoing property management, analysis, a refurbishment project or a completely new building, our BIM consultants have the skills to help you construct, manage and analyse your BIM models.

Benchmarq’s experienced team are capable of converting existing architectural and structural engineering plans, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and fire system drawings into 3D BIM Models.

Our Building Information Modelling services allow our customers to begin working with BIM straight away, providing a solution for organisations wanting to start using BIM but who do not want the additional cost of bringing the skills in house.

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BIM Model Creation and Development

At Benchmarq, we pride ourselves on producing BIM work in-house and to the highest quality standards. We have some of the most experienced Revit modellers in the country. Revit is predominantly used for BIM, as it can be used to collaborate and share models with other team members, even those who are unfamiliar with the process.

We can deliver BIM projects in a variety of industry recognised file formats, including Revit files of the model and .dwg file elevation drawings for other project participants.

Furthermore, we can provide clients with access to Autodesk’s A360 app so all project participants can view, interrogate and manipulate the 3D BIM model on any device.

The numerous benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) include:

  Improve team collaboration

  Improve productivity, reduce rework and overall costs

  Reduce errors and conflicts during construction

⇒  Can be used for marketing purposes

Scan to BIM

A common request of Benchmarq is to build intelligent 3D models from point clouds. We can provide a full laser scan and 3D model of your building or create a model from an existing point cloud.

Unlike other BIM service companies, we offer a complete Scan to BIM solution. This process utilises laser scanning technology to collect point cloud data and form the basis for a 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM). We use the latest software including Autodesk Revit, Revit MEP, Civil 3D and Recap to create coordinated and attributed models,  if 3D rendered visualisations are required then 3DS Max is also used. All of the modelling is done in-house by our specialist staff.

This model can then be used for building modification, design and planning, asset and property management or collaboration between multiple disciplines.

Point Cloud Data Processing

A point cloud is a large collection of points acquired by a 3D laser scan to create highly detailed 3D representations of existing buildings or components.

Clients will often come to us with point cloud data, which includes excessive data that’s not needed in the model. We can clean up this extra data (scaffolding, trees, people, cars, poor lighting etc.) using specialist point cloud software such as ReCap Pro and Leica Cyclone. This clean up results in a much more refined model, immediately ready to use for BIM – whether you want to complete the project yourself, or ask us to finish the model.

BIM Content Creation

Do you have a list of products that you want to be made into BIM objects?

Our highly experienced in-house Revit team can create a library of your manufactured products into parametric BIM objects, also known as Revit families. These BIM objects can be provided for your company’s own use or third-party BIM content websites such as bimstore or NBS National BIM Library.

Benefits of BIM content creation:

⇒  Can be used for marketing purposes

  Readily available BIM content libraries

  Access to detailed product information for BIM teams

  Design changes can be quickly implemented


The term Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been used within the AEC industry for the last 20 years, but 4D and 5D BIM is now starting to gain traction within the field.

What is 4D/5D BIM? 4D and 5D BIM refers to the intelligent linking of 2D/3D BIM model data to construction schedules (4D) and or/cost (5D) to create a highly visual and interactive simulation of the planned construction works. Read more about different BIM levels.

4D and 5D BIM is useful for:

⇒  Visual simulation of proposed construction approach with easy to use animation and image output

  Virtual safety simulations for pre-construction planning and virtual practice

⇒  Visual assessments of logistics issues and constraints with included site context

  Identification of “time and space” conflicts before site works start

⇒  Conduct virtual “optioneering” reviews to support the development of construction, logistics, installation sequences, risk and safety mitigation and cost assessments

Revit and BIM Training

If you would rather improve your BIM skills to undertake a project in-house, we can provide training on software typically used for BIM projects.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can offer bespoke hands-on training for a full range of programs including: Revit Architecture/Families/MEP/Structure, Dynamo BIM, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks and ReCap Pro.

We are an Autodesk Authorised Training and Certification Centre and have two dedicated training centres in Billingshurst, West Sussex and Newark, Nottinghamshire, or we can come to your premises with our mobile training suite.