Digital Survey Services and 3D Laser Scanning

Benchmarq can offer a wide variety of digital survey services and 3D laser scanning services for the built environment.

Using the latest 3D laser scanning and geospatial survey technology, our RICs qualified Chartered Surveyors can deliver highly accurate, 3D surveys which can be used to create a BIM ready model or 3D visualisation.

Find below a more in-depth overview of our 3D scanning and surveying services.

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3D Laser Scanning Services

With 3D laser scanning we can create highly accurate “point cloud data” which can be used for CAD data, BIM content and 3D modelling.

We offer various 3D laser deployment solutions to capture even the hardest to reach points of view.

Reasons to use 3D laser scanning:

  3D laser scanning is a non-destructive method of capturing millions of points of data

⇒  Point cloud data can be used to create highly detailed and accurate BIM models

⇒  This data can be used for renovation, refurbishment and as-built purposes

⇒  The “Scan to BIM” process is widely known as being a more accurate method or collecting data, over traditional survey methods

Measured Building Survey Services

We can provide a complete range of measured building survey services including; floor plans, cross sections, elevations, ortho-rectified images and structural details.

All elements of the building can be surveyed independently or as part of a co-ordinated survey which will reference the floor plans, elevations, topographical surveys and any underground survey to a common grid and level datum. We can then deliver this data as 3D building models or 2D drawings for refurbishments, alterations or record purposes.

Topographic Survey Services

Topographic Surveys are used to identify contours in elevations and variations of the land. We can arrange a Topographical Survey of your site to establish the contours of the ground being surveyed and the exact positioning of features such as trees, buildings, ravines, roads, manholes – essentially mapping anything natural or manmade.

Typically Topographic Surveys are used as an aid in designing and constructing buildings. We can utilise this data to produce CAD drawings, 3D digital terrain models and GIS data, all of which can be used by engineers and architects to evaluate how the topography will be affected.

Visual Site Management and HDR Spherical Photography Services

Using the point cloud data taken from a 3D laser scan and imagery from HDR spherical photography, we can create interactive walkthroughs, timelines and measurements, which can be a great asset to construction and development projects.

Visual Site Management is superb for team collaboration, 3D tours, as well as health and safety purposes. Other benefits include:

⇒  View and explore sites remotely, reducing the cost of continuous onsite visits

  360 imagery can be used to create an interactive platform for building consensus for effective collaborative decision making

⇒  A great addition to BIM management

⇒  Great for interpreting, analysing and reporting on sites and buildings

⇒  All asset data is easily accessible

⇒  3D visualisations and imagery can be used for augmented and virtual reality

Engineering Survey Services

Utilising the latest 3D laser scanning technology, we can capture comprehensive engineering structures, as well as providing you with in-depth dimensional information and geometry that can be delivered in 3D and 2D CAD formats, which can also be used for clash detection analysis.

3D laser scanning is highly accurate and detailed, enabling us to survey complex structures and surfaces such as pipework, comprehensive structural elements and fabricated metalwork.

Structural Deformation Monitoring Services

Structural Deformation surveying is used to determine the movement of either natural or man-made structures, ensuring whether or not the structure is displaying safe deformation behaviour.

We use laser scanning and point monitoring to provide bespoke and highly detailed structural deformation monitoring solutions. Collected scan data is often used by clients to analyse and make decisions on the deformation monitoring regime.

Structural deformation monitoring can be used for:

  Building deformation

  Embankment and dam monitoring

  Tunnel monitoring

  Landslide monitoring

⇒  Cliff and beach monitoring

  Flood defence structure monitoring

  Heritage structures

  Nuclear reactor tilt and settlement monitoring

  Mines and quarries