After July 31st 2016, Autodesk will end the sale of new perpetual and subscription licenses of the Autodesk Design and Creation Suites. However, even though you will no longer be able to purchase new licenses you can still renew active Maintenance plans. You have until July 31st to purchase additional perpetual licenses of most Design and Creation Suites.

The Design Suites will be replaced by the Autodesk Industry Collections on August 1st 2016. For more information please visit:

What to do next with your perpetual licenses?

  • Consider switching over to the subscription model which offers greater flexibility, access to the latest software releases and updates, a broader portfolio of software, technical support and lower upfront costs.
  • Review your current Autodesk licenses and whether you would like to make the switch.
  • If you would like to stay with a perpetual license please contact us straight away.
  • If you want to crossgrade your software to a different Design Suite before the discontinuation, make sure to do so before the 31st.
  • Think about looking into purchasing an Autodesk Industry Collection from August 1st.

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