Lakehouse Visualisation Project

Notwithstanding the emergence of very powerful software for visualisation, it still takes skills and experience acquired and developed over years to create highly accurate, photo-realistic visualisations of architectural, engineering and construction projects.

Our visualisation consultants have those years of experience which make the difference between visuals which are ‘OK’ and those which look absolutely stunning.

Our expertise in this area was called upon recently by a property developer looking  for a high quality visualisation of a Lakehouse development. The property developers wanted this visualisation for marketing purposes to allow them to generate interest in the proposed development and sell ‘off plan’ before construction had even begun.

The visualisation itself was an interpretation of the evolving architects plans but provided the potential clients with a clearer idea of scale, materials to be used and surrounding views.

Take a look at some of the impressive visualisations that were created by our Technical Team :

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