Revit 2018 is now ready to download and install! The latest release not only includes a variety of enhanced features to improve your productivity, but also includes an enticing list of totally new features.

First of all let’s start off with what’s new for architects and building designers.

Multistory Stairs

In Revit 2018 you will now have access to Multistory stairs. With the new multistory stair feature you can now create stair towers quickly by attaching stairs to the levels in your project. When level heights change, stairs automatically adjust to match.

Enhanced Railings

When using Railings, you will now benefit from several brand new enhancements. Railings can be added to an entire multistory stair tower with a single click, as well as additional railing enhancements.


Structural engineers and MEP designers and technicians certainly won’t feel left out with the latest release of Revit, as a variety of notable features have been added to the mix.

Steel Connections

The Steel Connections for Revit 2018 add-in has heavily extended its connections categories and now has over 130 new parametric steel connections. These connections will help improve workflows between engineers and detailers by allowing them to exchange steel connection information to produce more accurate estimating and detailing, and reduce errors in fabrication.

3D Shape Improvements

When importing geometry from other files formats, resultant direct shape imports have been improved and now support more seamless integration with both projects and families.

Co-ordination Model

When project data includes Navisworks NWD and NWC files, you can now link these models into your Revit projects for coordination purposes. This exciting new functionality also allows for any file formats that are supported by Navisworks to be included within the coordination model link.


Geo-reference Coordinates

When you link CAD files to a Revit model that contain real-world (GIS) coordinates, you can acquire those coordinates directly in your Revit model. Simply link a DWG file containing geo-referenced coordinates.


Revit 2018 is certainly packed with a whole load of new features, enabling users to improve their Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows even more. Make sure to check out the full list of additional features to this latest update.