Project Description

Benchmarq was engaged by an Essex based consultancy to undertake ground modelling, cut & fill calculations and confirmation of existing spoil heap volumes for a proposed housing development of the site of a former shipyard. The client, a national housebuilder, needed to establish whether 10,000 cubic metres of material in old spoil heaps located on the site could be used as suitable fill and, if so, whether the material could be accommodated within the proposed design for the site. With the cost of earthworks cart away at around £25 per cubic metre, the benefits of getting an accurate answer were clearly significant.

From drawings, briefing and supplementary information supplied by the consultants, we constructed a detailed earthworks formation model of the site, giving the ability to calculate the cut and fill volumes for the proposed design. In addition, the construction of a dynamic 3D ground model and related house slabs, roadways, driveways and other areas of hardstanding created the ability to more easily investigate the effects of changing design levels over all or selective parts of the site. This was especially important as the results of soils analysis from the spoil heaps was being delivered at the same time, with the volume of suitable fill to be distributed across the site being updated several times.