Case Study: Scan-to-BIM

Project: Barkers Shopping Arcade Roof

We have recently been working to model the glazed barrel vaulted roof on top of the old Barkers Department Store in Kensington High Street, London.

Barkers itself, like many icons of the British High Street, has sadly long since disappeared, and, in a sign of the times, the building is now a branch of Whole Foods Market, a US company owned by Amazon.

You will notice the appearance of a circular ‘band’ on each barrel vault. These are in fact mobile gantries used for maintenance and cleaning of the glazed roof.

Our client proposes to replace the old gantries and required a high accuracy, 3D model of the vaulted roof, to be used in designing new gantries to be installed in the existing running tracks.

Our survey partner has laser scanned the structure and from that we have created a 3D model in Revit, exporting out to a STEP file, a popular neutral 3D CAD file format. This will ultimately be read into Solidworks for use by the gantry designers

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