Case Study: Scan-to-BIM

Project: Compass School

Special Educational Needs (SEN) is an emotive and challenging topic. Children who once might have been effectively excluded from the education system due to disability are increasingly recognised as being entitled to equity of access to learning

The City of Southampton is no exception to the national trend of rising SEN numbers. While the underlying causes are often complex, what is clear is that current provision is simply insufficient.

That being so, the City committed to providing 338 additional SEN places in local special schools by 2026. Compass School, located on Green Lane in Southampton, is one of six special schools in the City.

Capacity at these schools was reached back in 2020, and temporary measures were therefore introduced to deal with the rise in demand.

However, without creating further capacity, the council will face expenditure of £23m a year on out-of-city placements compared to a £6m spend on in-city placements.

With that background, Benchmarq was commissioned to create a detailed 3D Revit building model of Compass School and the internal patio topography to facilitate the study of design options for the City’s architects.

The building itself is on 2 levels and comprises classrooms, laboratory, and a gym/leisure centre branded as ‘Testlands’. This is a fitness, well-being and leisure centre which not only provides facilities for the pupils at the school but also to the local community as well.

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