Case Study: CAD Services

Project: Mumbai Metro Project (CAD Services)

The Mumbai Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Designed to reduce traffic congestion in the city, and supplement the overcrowded local suburban surface rail system, it is being built in three phases over a 15-year period, with completion expected in 2025. The system will comprise eight high-capacity metro railway lines, 200 stations and 235 kilometres of track, 24% of which will be underground and the rest elevated.

Bedi Consulting is a London-based specialist geotechnical and tunnel engineering consultancy which provides services to contractors and large consultants on challenging projects. It has particular expertise in the application of the NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method) technique for tunnelling in weak rock.

Being awarded work on Line 3 of the Mumbai Metro meant an increase in the throughput of engineering design and drawing production for the team at Bedi. Wishing to focus on where its expertise really lies – engineering – Bedi asked Benchmarq to assist with drawing production, outsourcing the creation of client-ready finished drawings to us.

The design team at Bedi and the CAD team at Benchmarq worked closely over a period of several months on the production of dozens of drawings to incorporate plans, profiles and cross-sections for the crossovers, together with details such as reinforcement, waterproofing, notes, schedules, annotations and drawing frames, all to Bedi’s CAD standards.

Relieving the Bedi team of the drawing production task has enabled them to concentrate on what they do best – highly skilled and highly specialised tunnel engineering design – while at the same time meeting the demands of the project for finished drawings delivered to the client for use in the construction work.

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