Case Study: CAD-to-BIM

Project: Potters Way Temporary Overground Sewer Diversion

Potters Way is a new housing development in Peterborough, built on the grounds of the old Fengate Sewage Works. The old works closed in 1988 following the construction of the Flag Fen Wastewater Treatment Works. In December 2018, a section of 1500mm diameter concrete sewer pipe collapsed, causing considerable inconvenience and a potential health hazard to local residents. The water company responsible, Anglian Water, became aware of the failed sewer, located in Potters Way itself, after a report from a customer using a ride-on lawnmower in the area. Our client, Selwood Pumps, was engaged to provide immediate alleviation of the situation while temporary repairs were undertaken.

Benchmarq was commissioned by Selwood to create a 3D BIM model of the works from CAD drawings provided, in order to examine complex pipe routing options for temporary diversions of the sewage flows. We modelled all the pipework, valvework, sumps, chambers and other equipment, enabling Selwood not only to consider the routing options but also how best to use its inventory of pipes, pumps, valves etc to deliver it. Benchmarq had previously also created a digital inventory of Selwood’s equipment.
Full examination of the sewer revealed significant deterioration of the concrete pipe over a 2.8km length, caused largely by hydrogen sulphide (H2S) attack.
This was remediated by the use of CIPP (cured in place pipe) and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) lining of the existing pipe, avoiding the more expensive option of complete replacement and providing protection from further (H2S) attack for another 50 years.
In total, Anglian Water invested £2.8m into the Potters Way project which will now allow customers across Peterborough to continue to use their taps and flush their toilets without second thought.

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