Improving 3ds Max Design efficiency with bespoke training…

“At the end of the day I found I was considerably less likely to want to throw my computer out of the window”

Racewood Ltd have been developing racing horse simulators since 1990 following an approach from a leading jockey who wanted to maintain his riding skills while recovering from injury. Since then, Racewood’s simulator designs have been patented and kept ahead of the ever evolving market by designing and manufacturing simulators for horse racing, show jumping, dressage and polo.

We were approached by Racewood to help with bespoke Autodesk 3ds Max Design training. Previously, Racewood were using online training to refresh their knowledge on 3ds Max Design but felt bespoke classroom based training would be ideal, enabling them to work directly on their projects and greatly improve their software efficiency.

How we helped….

Our highly experienced 3ds Max Design Instructor was able to assist Racewood by uploading a detailed map of the racecourse into 3ds Max Design. A polyline was then traced exactly around the course, this was then swept into a 3D solid to represent the race track. This operation was repeated several times to create the different elements seen at the venue.

Other techniques were shown to Racewood such as composite mix maps in the material editor allowing an alternative option to create realistic materials of grass, gravel, tarmac and concrete. In addition, to easily manage the vast amount of 3D geometry in the stadiums and fencing Racewood were taught how to use 3ds Max’s build in management tool ‘scene explorer’.

The Final Result

Visualisation can add many things to a project, for some it’s the ability to create a photorealistic image of the finished product before any production has begun, for others it’s to allow the complete immersion of a user into a world of your creation, be that real or imaginary.

For Racewood, being able to create immersive visualisations to recreate racecourses from around the world will enable them to potentially win more clients and increase their reputation within the horse simulator market.

Furthermore, Racewood went away from the bespoke training having an in-depth understanding of the appropriate design tools available within 3ds Max, allowing them to speed up and streamline the model creation process, making for a much more efficient use of their time.

I just want to say thank you to your trainer Andy for the day he spent here with us at our office in Cheshire working on our project. I appreciate our work is little out of the norm and poor Andy had a bit of a crash course in what we needed him to help with. He was knowledgeable and did very well explaining to me and working with the older software we have, and at the end of the day I found I was considerably less likely to want to throw my computer out of the window and actually looking forward to getting on with the project the next day!

Many thanks to Benchmarq for being able work around our needs and I have no doubt we will be calling on Andy for help as our various project develop to perhaps create some more racecourses or other formsof equestrian sports. – Lottie, Sales and Product Development at Racewood.

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