There are often times when you may be asked to remove an unwanted object from an image, whether it be something as simple as box in the way or a person obstructing part of the image. Learning how to use the Content-Aware Fill and Cloning Stamp are two very useful skills to learn when using Photoshop.

In this beginner/intermediate tutorial we will be using the Quick-Selection Tool, Content-Aware Fill and Cloning Stamp to remove a person from an image.

In this tutorial we will be using the image below. You are welcome to download it here:

remove object in image

In this tutorial we will mainly be focusing on removing the lady in orange to start off with, but to test yourself even further you may want to try removing the other people as well, or maybe the tower blocks in the background.

  • Open the image in Photoshop and using the Quick Selection Tool by pressing W on your keyboard select the parts that you would like to remove.
    To be more accurate with your selection you may want to zoom in, however, when removing an object like this you don’t have to be super precise, as Photoshop will do most of the work for you.

photoshop removing person

remove a person using photoshop

  • Once you are satisfied with your selection go to Edit > Fill or Shift + F5 and select Contents > Foreground Color then press OK.

Photoshop tutorial

select color

  • Now Choose Select > Deselect or press Ctrl + D to deselect the selection so you can get a clearer view of your image.
    If you notice any areas which haven’t been removed you can go back over them by repeating the process of selecting the areas using the Quick Selection Tool, but with a smaller brush. If you notice any areas that still haven’t been removed or areas which look distorted you can then use the Clone Stamp Tool by pressing S on the keyboard and holding down Alt while selecting a similar area on the picture to clone the image, which can then be used to cover the distorted area. You may want to pick a feathered brush to fix the flaws. This may take several go’s to get the right looking image.


  • After Completing these steps your image should look similar to the one below. 


If you would like to learn more about Photoshop and would like to attend one of our courses please see this page: Photoshop Beginner Courses