Scan to BIM of a Tower Block

Scan to BIM of Tower Block

Commissioned by a leading facade engineering company, Benchmarq was chosen to undertake the laser scan survey and 3D modelling (Scan to BIM) of a tower block in Manchester, UK.

Our client was tasked with the refurbishment of the cladding; replacing the poorly performing exterior cladding panels.

The refurbishment required accurate 3D BIM modelling of the building structure, with particular attention paid to the precise location of window frames, metal trims and other permanent exterior features around which the new cladding would need to be accurately positioned.

Laser Scanning
Laser Scanning

Challenges Faced

It was decided that the quickest, safest and most effective way of capturing the required data was to use a 3D laser scanner. However, although the tower block was generally accessible there was limited access on two sides due to the presence of adjacent buildings.

This somewhat inhibited the line of sight and meant that a highly accurate, long range Riegl scanner would be the best solution, enabling as many observation points to be taken as possible.

Our chartered surveyor was able to set up various scanning stations to capture as many angles as possible, with all observations coordinated back to the Ordnance Survey National Grid.

Point Cloud Data Processing

The resulting point cloud was delivered in PTS format and read into Autodesk’s ReCap (Reality Capture) software.

ReCap offers a wide range of functions for filtering, buffering and selective display of point cloud data, enabling the user to make sense of the vast number of points within the cloud and greatly easing the task of feature line extraction from which the 3D model is created.

After enabling the creation of a ‘virtual scaffold’ from the point cloud data, a 3D BIM model itself was created.¬†With accuracy paramount, particular attention was given to the profile and precise extent of the window frames.

The Final Result and Ongoing Development

Deliverables to the client included a 3D model, together with DWG file elevation drawings for consumption by other project participants.

Ongoing development continues on this project, with the objective of establishing a more complete 3D BIM model for the tower for future operation and maintenance.

The next stage of this process is a more complete attribution of element properties within the 3D model to include information on material types, properties and manufacturer data.

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