It’s the time of year again and the latest release of SketchUp has arrived on the scene!

Since joining Trimble, this is SketchUp’s fifth major desktop update, and a lot of major updates have been added to the software along the way.

What’s New in SketchUp 2017?

Graphics Pipeline 2.0

Major improvements have been made to SketchUp’s graphics pipeline, allowing for a smoother graphical performance within the software. This also means that SketchUp, 3D Warehouse, LayOut, my.SketchUp and Trimble Connect all render models using the same algorithms – all tuned for refined 3D orbiting.

Re-Written .DWG

Previously, a 10 page LayOut file would export as 10 separate .DWGs. Now you’ll get just one .DWG with ten separate tabs for each page.

In the past, LayOut entities such as dimensions, clipping masks, and labels would explode into raw geometry upon export. Now, they’ll import smartly into AutoCAD and behave just as expected.

LayOut exports are now smart enough to self-scale for paper size or model space. Drawing entities such as labels and polygons scale to paper size and model linework scales to model space.

The highly requested requested ‘Colour-by-Layer’ option to CAD exports as been added, so all entities on a given layer may export as one colour. By default, black line-work exports so that it renders as black on a white background and white on a black background.

Implementing Tables

Create a Table from scratch or import a .CSV or Excel file. Tables basically perform just like other spreadsheets, i.e. edit text, style cells, modify columns and rows.

Extension Manager

Extension Manager is a new feature added onto SketchUp. With the Extension Manager you can toggle on and off custom tools, or uninstall them. The Manager also includes an extension’s Digital Signature, meaning it meets SketchUp’s thorough standards for quality and security.

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