St John’s Gate : 3D CAD Modelling

St John’s Gate, in the Clerkenwell area of London, is one of the few tangible remains from Clerkenwell’s monastic past. It was built in 1504 by Prior Thomas Docwra as the south entrance to the inner precinct of Clerkenwell Priory. The substructure is of brick, while the north and south façades are of stone. After centuries of decay and much rebuilding, very little of the stone facing is original.

The client, an events management company, wanted a 3D spatial analysis and clearance check with exact dimensions for equipment they were planning to install through the historic arch as part of an annual event they were running.

How We Helped

Given that this was a Heritage Structure, there was little point in trying to recreate all of the detail as 3D geometric elements, more especially since the requirement was simply for spatial clearance checking.

Our approach was therefore as follows:

We read the Point Cloud data provided by our survey partner into our reverse engineering software. The software used has powerful algorithms for the creation of “meshes” from point cloud data. This enabled us to bring a detailed but much ‘lighter’ dataset into the DWG file, providing the client with a detailed view of the surveyed monument.

We then created an AutoCAD sold 3D extrusion element through the archway. This provided a dimensional ‘envelope’ of allowable spatial occupancy and intrusion limits for the equipment which the client proposed to use at their annual event.

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