benchmarq training new courses

We’ve been working hard over the past couple of months to put together four new training courses, designed specifically to help you get started – or reacquainted – with your software, and achieve maximum impact for your business.

Our redesigned Photoshop, 3ds Max and Fusion 360 training courses have been put together by certified instructors and software experts. So you can book with confidence and get ready to see your work transformed with some stunning effects.

We are running an exclusive introductory offer, up until May 31st, where you can book on any of our new courses for £199+VAT.

Photoshop Essentials Courses

Our revamped Photoshop Essentials Course has been developed by our Adobe Certified Instructor and Photoshop Certified Expert. Starting with the essentials of the Photoshop user interface, you will cover the fundamentals of retouching images and saving work for different media outputs.

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3ds Max Courses

Enhance your CAD designs on our refreshed 3ds Max courses, designed by our Autodesk Certified Instructor and 3ds Max Certified Professional. On these fun and engaging courses, you will learn how to create animations, renderings and setting up lighting scenes.

We are now offering two 3ds Max courses – 3ds Max Essentials and Enhance your 3d Designs with 3ds Max. Our 3ds Max Essentials Course is designed for complete beginners, whilst our Enhance your 3D Designs with 3ds Max Course is designed for those who want to take existing CAD drawings and greatly improve them with 3ds Max.

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Fusion 360 Essentials Courses

Learn the essentials of product development on our interactive Fusion 360 courses, developed by our Fusion 360 expert and Autodesk Certified Instructor. Cover valuable topics such as assemblies and constraints, as well as creating stunning renderings.

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