By Tassos Anastahas

Feature Illustration


Learn how to automatically update the date every time a CAD drawing is plotted in Autodesk AutoCAD.

In this case within multi line text to insert a plot data and time field.

autocad plot









Make sure nothing is selected. Just press escape key on the keyboard.

Double click the multi line text object to activate editing.

You may place taps on the ruler to help you align text and field values.

autocad insert field

















Place the cursor at the text position where you want to place the field value. Right click and select Insert Field.

autocad field dialog















Within Field Dialog select Date & Time in the Field Category drop-down list.

Select PlotDate from the available field names and specify its display format from a list of available examples or customize further in the Date Format text box by typing your preferred format using the predefined characters.

autocad plot date









The field value is displayed as “—-” and will be updated automatically every time the drawing is plotted.

Field values can also be incorporated in attributes within title blocks.