wayfair 3d models sketchup

Earlier this month, Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online websites for furniture and home decorations announced it will be making an extensive 3D model library of its products available on SketchUp.

To start off, Wayfair have released 1000 products including arm chairs, beds, lighting, draw chests and more to the public to test the waters, with more products to be uploaded in the near future. Wayfair have even revealed they are working on creating 3D models for all of their 7 million products which are available to buy online.

Wayfair’s 3D model library is another addition to the furniture company’s ongoing venture into photographic rendering and augmented reality. SketchUp is an excellent platform where trade companies across the globe can take advantage of Wayfair’s 3D content library, enabling designers to further streamline the design process.

Wayfair will have the largest library of 3D models of their products out of any other retailer currently marketing their products on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse website.

Download the latest Wayfair models for SketchUp for absolutely free!